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We were founded on the simple idea that you shouldn't have to choose between high quality, great design, fair pricing and doing good. So we focused on what matters: durable materials, transparent pricing, sustainable production, and tangible giving. By being smart about the way we did things, we could sell beautifully made pieces at honest prices, and through your purchases also help those less fortunate to get a little closer to home.

Commitment to Quality

The way we see it, our pursuit of quality equates to supporting passion. There's no substitute for people who are passionate about their work and hone their skills through many years of work. Each of the factories we work with have perfected their craft over many years, and have a strong commitment to creating well-made, beautiful things. Prime example: our glass manufacturer has a master blower who has been there for over 50 years. He tells us that time stands still when he works with glass; we are proud to support his craft, and the craft of the many people like him whose love of their work show in what they do.

master glass blower
glass blowing

Ethics & Sustainability

We're uncompromising about the origins of our goods and adhering stringently to human rights, environmental and social responsibility standards. We have visited each of the factories where our goods are made, and can vouch for the working conditions and health of workers there.

Transparent Pricing

When we embarked on starting Sunday Morning, we found that the home goods industry is full of massive inefficiencies that raise the price of goods unnecessarily. Unlike traditional brands, we don't charge you 10 times as much as a piece costs to make. Instead of passing on extortionate costs unrelated to the goods themselves, we concentrate on making and sourcing beautiful pieces priced as fairly as possible, sold directly to people who use them.

Giving Back

"Get Closer to Home" is our ethos and driving force, and it extends beyond the products we sell. We believe that having the safety and security of a home has positive compounding effects on individuals and communities, and we pledge 10% of our profits to build homes in developing countries through New Story. Through your purchases, we can help others in need get a little closer to home.

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