Corsica Oval Cutting Board

  • Our Corsica Oval Cutting Board, comprised of hard maple, echoes the shape of an artist’s pallet. Its rustic, woodsy look provides a neutral tone for use both in the kitchen and on the table—ideal for preparing, and also for serving in a casual, cozy manner. With its generous size and rounded shape, it’s perfect for charcuterie. The boards are made by hand in Brooklyn, New York.

  • Composition
    Maple wood, stained with a natural stain developed in-house
    Made in Brooklyn, New York
    Handwash with soap and water
  • 16.5 x 14 inches

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Handmade by a wood artisan in Brooklyn, New York
Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samin Nostrat (on Netflix)
“I saw how good cooks obeyed sensory cues, rather than timers and thermometers. They listened to the changing sounds of a sizzling sausage, watched the way a simmer becomes a boil, felt how a slow-cooked pork shoulder tightens and then relaxes as hours pass, and tasted a noodle plucked from boiling water to determine whether it’s al dente. In order to cook instinctually, I needed to learn to recognize these signals. I needed to learn how food responds to the fourth element of good cooking: Heat.” —Samin Nostrat

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